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Our job is to help you, enjoy the Memories of your Wedding Day !
Standard Wedding DJ Service Package information :
Our Standard Wedding DJ Service Package includes up to 6 hours of Non-Stop Music and
Hosting, since most Receptions are typically 5 - 6 hours.  We typically meet with the couple
several times between the initial Meeting and the future date of the Wedding Event.

The initial Meeting is to help you create an outline of how you would like the events of the
evening to go.  We offer the options of all the different ways we've seen things done through
the years of experience, and let you pick and choose from the Traditional, Standard or New
ways that things can be planned.  We always say, "There's no right, or wrong way, it's your
Wedding.  Let's make it the way YOU envision it."  By planning ahead, we are able to
coordinate with the hall, caterers, photographers, videographers and anyone else that is
involved in your Wedding.  Almost like a Wedding Planner, we try to ensure things will go the
way you want, without you having to be concerned with keeping everyone informed and
timing all the events.  After the first meeting you'll typically walk away with several questions
that you will need to determine before we meet again, to continue forming an Itinerary.

Eventually, we meet again to go over all the specifics; order of introductions, when you want
to cut the cake, music selection for dinner and many more very important things that you
probably wouldn't think of, unless you were married a few times per year.

Over time, things change.  New songs come out, Bridal Party members change and we have to
adjust, which is why we always like to meet one last time about a week before the Wedding
Date.  We will go through the entire Itinerary for the evening, to make sure everything is
prepared, from song choices to the order of events.  We want to put you at ease, so you can
relax and enjoy YOUR day.

Standard Wedding DJ Service Cost
- Up to 6 hours                               $1300.00
- Additional extra time                  $120.00 each hour

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hire us for more than one Service.
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We have been
complimented many
times by being
called a "Wedding
Planner" DJ,
because we do more
than just play
music.  We take the
time to make your
personalized by
helping you  to plan
the nights events
and itinerary, so that
everything will run
We look forward to working with you to help make lasting
memories of your Wedding Day that Family and Friends
will remember forever !
We will do everything we can, so that you won't have to.  We will take the burden of
coordinating all the services at your event, so that you can spend your time with
Friends and Family having fun !
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